Current Issue: Volume 17, Issue 33, Winter and Spring 2021, Pages 1-200 

3. Effects of open and closed-skill exercises on serum levels of Cathepsin B, Irisin, BDNF and Doublecortin in female wrestlers

Pages 61-71


Samira Azhideh; Vahid Valipour- Dehnou; Sara Hasanzadeh sartiuki; Mahdieh Molanouri -Shamsi; Daniel Gahreman

8. Identification of new variants in ACTN3, VDR and ADRB1 genes in an elite weightlifter using Whole exome sequencing: A Case Report

Pages 141-148


Bahman Ebrahim-Torkamani; Marefat Siahkouhian; Ali Khazani; Sajad Anoushirvani; Lotfali Bolboli; Fatemeh Asadi

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